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Hang Glide Over Amelia Island!

Hang Glide USA

Hang Glide Over Amelia Island!

Looking for something else to do in Florida? You’ve found the right place for a spectacular Florida flying adventure. Hang Glide USA caters to both thrill seekers and the not-so-thrilled alike. From exhilarating takeoffs, to taking the controls of the aircraft, to getting inspired from the breathtaking views. This includes coastline, rivers, marshes, white sand beaches with it’s brilliant turquoise waters, you are in for an experience and adventure of a lifetime!

Hang Glide USA offers powered hang gliding flights for the first time pilot as well as those with experience. We do this by offering interactive flight lessons using an Airborne XT 912. The minute you step into our Airborne Tundra cockpit, you will immediately notice how comfortable it really is. You will feel safe, secure and you’re guaranteed to have a remarkable time. Our flights are not only scenic and awe-inspiring, but also a “hands-on” learning experience. You will discover why we are truly one of the funnest things to do in Florida.

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