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Visit Our Shop

As an alternative to having your rental equipment delivered you can pick it up at our shop located off of South 8th Street behind the Winn-Dixie shopping center (For GPS locating use 1702 South 8th Street). The GPS address will take you to the South 8th Street entrance to the Winn-Dixie center. At the end of that center, a Subway shop faces South 8th Street. Turn into the driveway between the Subway and the Haveline Express Lube. A row of offices faces the back of the Winn-Dixie center. Our office is the fourth door on your left.

We can load equipment in your vehicle or, for bikes and scooters, you can park in our lot and peddle or scoot away for a few hours.

For customers picking up at our shop we offer rental periods as short as two hours

Our large parking lot allows you to get comfortable with your bike or scooter before you hit the road.

Even if you prefer delivery, you can visit our shop to check out and reserve the exact equipment you want.